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  1. Masha* Senior Member

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    When reading novels about England of the 19th century I have once and again read that servants (coachmen, grooms) in response to their master’s order say
    “Yes, my lord” and touch their forelocks. For instance:

    “Off-side leader has a strained fetlock, sir,” the coachman said.
    “Yes, I noticed. Take them here. My head groom’s a wizard with fetlocks.”
    The coachman touched his forelock, “Aye, m’lord. Thankee, sir.”

    What does this gesture mean? Obedience
    Thank you in advance1
  2. Haylette Senior Member

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    The forelock is the hair at the front of as horse's face (where humans have a "fringe").
    I would say that this gesture is sort of like raising your hat to someone, in which case it is a sign of respect, but it could mean obedience also.
  3. panjandrum

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    It is, I think, a sign not only of obedience but of subservience - an acknowledgement of the forelock-toucher's humble place in the class structure.

    See also forelock tugging

    (Humans have forelocks too.)
  4. Haylette Senior Member

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    I just found this at I think it explains what I mean better than I did :)

    Idiom: pull the forelock (touch the forelock, tug the forelock)

    • To raise one's hand to the forehead as a sign of respect or subservience to someone.
  5. Lis48

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    It´s the equivalent of raising your hat as a salute if you are not wearing a hat. So would more apply to a farm labourer or servant who would not always wear a hat, so infers lower class. Hatless, you would touch the front of your hair instead in deference as respect but not necessarily obedience. Here it is just a thankyou for the complement he´s been paid.
  6. palomnik Senior Member

    It's a sort of informal salute, showing respect.
  7. Haylette Senior Member

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    (Humans have forelocks too.)[/quote]

    Didn't know that, I come from a horsey family :)

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