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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by punkin, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. punkin New Member

    I'd like to know what the equivalent phrase of "tough shit" is in Russian. Not necessarily a literal translation, unless of course Russians actually do say "tough shit". I'd just like the equivalent phrase.
  2. sunny777 New Member

    Hi, punkin!
    My Lingvo dictionary says the following:
    1) Tough shit! — Ничего не поделаешь! Tough shit, buddy! — Что ж, тебе не повезло.
    2) You flunked the English exam? That's tough shit, fellow. I got kicked out altogether — Ты завалил английский? Мне бы твои заботы, приятель. Меня вообще выгнали.

    According to the translation above we can conclude that "tough shit" may be translated in different ways depending on the situation .
  3. ExMax Senior Member

    Punkin, you should understand that better translation can be more vulgar idiom then original one. Therefore, use it carefully :)
    I can see that there is very soft and "non-direct" descriptive definition in Lingvo. I can suggest “хреново” (moderately vulgar) or (“a little bit softer now”) “фигово”. Both words are slang words, but not a vulgar slang. You can use simply “плохо”, but you kill expression. There is another good translation, but 1oo% vulgar one :)
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  4. punkin New Member

    well, I'm not looking for vulgar, exactly. Just the rough approximation of the phrase. The reason is that I'm just beginning to learn Russian, and I'm tired of hearing people say "tough shitski". I'd like to know what is REALLY said so I can correct them. I really do appreciate the help with this and would like to know where I can get one of these Lingvo Dictionaries.
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  5. ExMax Senior Member

    Did you hear the sounding "tough shitski" from Russian-speaking people? No mishear? Are you sure? :)
  6. punkin New Member

    No, no. Pardon me for being unclear about that. It's english speaking people that use that term, and I'm just tired of hearing it being used. Therefore I'd like to know what actually IS used for that term.
  7. ExMax Senior Member

    OK, thank you. In truth, informal language is very sensitive subject. I often get into dumb troubles, when I try to enliven my poor English with informal words. And so I know that neutral words are more preferable, when you are taking your first steps in foreign language. So... About "tough shit". When you empathize with your buddy in very informal situation, you can say "Фигово" (stressed syllable is "го") with sympathetic intonation. But I think that you should use something like neutral "Очень жаль, это плохо!" ("What a pity, that's too bad") with harsh intonation to avoid unexpected reaction :)

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