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What are the differences between these three terms? According to Wikipedia, tour guide is almost equivalent to tourist guide, but I am wondering if the last one "guide interpreter" is used in your country?

Tour guide, from my perspective, means someone who guides the tour while tourist guide means someone who guides the tourist. And the last one simply means someone both guides the people and also do some interpretation.

May I have your voice?

Thanks a lot
  • suzi br

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    I usually think tour guide in this context, though I would not be surprised by tourist guide and would not see big difference in meaning.

    I have not met the third one.


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    I think of a tour guide as a person who guides a tour group—either a group traveling together in a foreign country, or a group of people (not necessarily traveling together) at a historic or otherwise significant site. The latter, a person employed by the site, is there to point out and explain various features of the place.

    To me, a tourist guide is printed information for travelers, a book or pamphlet.

    Guide-interpreter? That would be a guide (not necessarily a tour guide or involving a group) who is also an interpreter.


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    Tour guide - person who conducts, operates a tour
    tourist guide - tourist (travel) reference book, manual, handbook
    guide interpreter - person who accompanies, escorts you around all the places you visit and provides services of interpretation
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