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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to translate a wedding invitation card. The wedding's theme is "travelling around the world".
I was wonderning how to translate "embarquement pour la salle des fêtes [...] pour le bal dans un tourbillon de bonne humeur".
J'avais pensé à la phrase suivante (si la traduction n'est pas fidèle à 100%, ce n'est pas grave) : Don't miss the cheerful boat to the reception hall (version simplifiée) ou : All aboard a merry-go-round of cheerfulness to the reception hall (tentative de traduction plus fidèle mais aussi plus lourde...).

Merci à vous de bien vouloir m'éclairer !

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    Welcome to the forum, froggypop :)

    All aboard for the reception hall and dancing in a whirligig of enjoyment/pleasure/good feeling.

    It would help to see more of the context, but my guess is that it's the dancing which is like a merry-go-round/whirligig. If that's right, we'd tend to use "whirligig" to express the rhythm and sense of being carried away in dancing rather than "merry-go-round" which conjures up small children at a fair. Likewise "cheerfulness" is a bit mundane to express the joy (presumably) of the wedding.
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    Thanks Clairet!
    I think you perfectly understood the tone of the text. The whole text is a metaphor on travels but the word "tourbillon" tends to express the movement/rythm of the dancers. Thank you for all the explanations...:)
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