tout juste bons à faire la cuisine

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Bonjour ;
For the context here :
Vous prenez tous les rôles. Et nous, on est tout juste bons à faire la cuisine et à accrocher les projecteurs. C’est exaspérant à la fin !
For this term: on est tout juste bons à faire la cuisine.
If I translate it as: we are completely good to cook.
Seems does not make sense and fit the context here.
How to translate it properly.
  • OLN

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    "we are completely good to cook" me fait penser à des cannibales. ;)

    C'est très péjoratif : We're barely good enough to do the cooking and to...
    barely worth...
    As I see it, I suggest :

    We are fit only to cooking.
    We are just good enough with the cooking.
    We are good for nothing but cooking.

    We are good at nothing except for cooking...
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    To be a little more precise, the speaker is resentful about being considered by the people he is with as "only fit for cooking, …"


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    "All we're good/fit for is doing the cooking."

    Like OLN, I prefer "doing the cooking" to "cooking" in order to avoid the problem with the cannibals.
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