Tout plaquer

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Bonjour. Comment traduisez-vous cela ? Kirby a tout plaqué.

Je traduis ça comme ça : Kirby ditched all.

Contexte : Par exemple, Kirby a arrêté ses études parce-qu’il trouvait ça trop difficile. Par exemple, Kisha a démissioné de son travail de caissière pour devenir chanteuse. Elle a changée de travail.

La phrase « tout plaquer » est une expression. C’est du langage courant. partie de la phrase qui me pose problème est le mot " tout". J’ai un doute sur comment traduire cela. Si quelqu’un m’aidait, ce serait très gentil. Merci.
  • radiohead87

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    I would use "everything" here instead of "all". All is used most often (but NOT exclusively) when followed by something else, like "all the flowers" or "all day". The word "everything" more often stands by itself.

    Kirby ditched everything is the correct sentence, but your explanation of "tout plaquer" seems to indicate some sort of big life change, and "to ditch everything" doesn't quite convey that!


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    i agree with radiohead - the translation is correct, but it misses something in the example - "ditched all" or "ditched everything" suggests another phrase: "cashed in the chips" - these phrases all convey a sense of finality not suggested by the examples, especially in the case of kisha, which suggests a big change in life's direction - perhaps something like "shifted gears" would suit kisha better - "ditched everything" might work for kirby, especially if he had no plan B
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