towering arrangement of pink blossoms


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PALM BEACH, Fla. — The setting seemed incongruous for such an unsavory subject. But nearly a week after he was suspended for the 2012 season amid revelations of a bounty system employed by the New Orleans Saints, Coach Sean Payton stepped in front of a towering arrangement of pink blossoms in the lobby of the Breakers Hotel and publicly addressed for the first time his role in the scandal that has shaken the franchise and preoccupied the rest of the N.F.L.

This was a brief stopover for Payton, whose suspension is scheduled to begin Sunday. He is still weighing an appeal, which could buy him a few more weeks to take care of what he said was a lengthy to-do list before he must step aside from the Saints. << Excessive quotation removed. >>

Hi. Does "towering" mean "the arrangement of pink blossoms is very tall or high" or "very great"?
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