trágame tierra

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It's a saying here in Chile when something terrible happens and you want to disappear from the face of the earth. Is there a similar sentence in English?
  • bouncy.bouncy

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    I'm not sure what would best give that meaning, but I suggest "Just kill me now" said with a sense of hopelessness would be good.;)


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    Lima, Perú. Español.
    The fact is that "trágame tierra" is a well rounded standalone phrase. Something like "just shoot me" (although they don't mean the same). Is there such a short and even powerful expression?

    By the way, it is also widely used in Peru.


    Lo que el diccionario de aca de wordreference dice es "I wish the earth would swallow me up"

    Creo que tiene el mismo significado y connotacion


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    Four common ones, at least here in America:

    I just want to crawl under a rock.
    I just want to curl up and die.
    Somebody shoot me.
    I wish I were dead.


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    Estoy de acuerdo con djb, los otros suenan extraños.. pero aquí están unos más:

    I just want to crawl under a rock and die
    Just shoot me.
    I could just die.
    I could die right now.

    El Coyote Literario

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    I was also looking for this interpretation/translation. I found the following two additional alternatives:
    • to disappear into thin air

    • to fall off the face of Earth
    I found those two in this link. There are an explanation and examples of how to use these phrases. The webpage is in Spanish. However, I would like to know if any of the native English speakers agree with these phrases. Would you say "I wish to fall off the face of Earth" or "I wish to disappear into thin air" right after doing something embarrassing?


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    Coyote, I would not say either of those phrases. Pannadol, djb, and Ezpound's phrases are good. If you use "wish" at all rather than "want to" it probably needs to be in the context of "I wish I could" (just disappear, for example.)
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