1. Yvette New Member

    USA English
    I've searched and can't put it all together. I keep seeing "tres beau" as part of several advertisments in websites for different businesses. For example, salon tres beau or tres beau flowers. It's not in my dictionary. what does salon tres beau or tres beau flowers mean in English? Thanks
  2. zippermonkeyboy

    zippermonkeyboy Member

    Taylorsville, Utah, USA
    United States-English
    kinda like tressame nothing really...that I can figure out. i would say salon tres beau would mean beautiful salon or something, the same for the other.
  3. Lems

    Lems Senior Member

    São Paulo
    Brazil - Brazilian Portuguese
    très = very
    beau = nice


    très beau ... ;)

  4. Sam Member

    France / Français - Italiano
    Lems is right, un très beau salon means a very nice salon .

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