trabajador, empleado, operario, obrero

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    Hello everybody, I have a big doubt about them. Do they express the same meaning in english?
    Is there any particular case? or different usages from types of job? such as...heavy one, feather one... or about construction's worker, or company's employee... or sanitary's labours...
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Jaime Bien Senior Member


    - trabajador = worker = persona que trabaja
    - empleado = employee = persona que trabaja para un tercero
    - operario = obrero = worker = trabajador manual

    La distinción principal es si se trata de un trabajo manual (obrero = operario) o no (empleado). Así:

    - obreros/operarios de la construcción/sector industrial/sector minero/etc.
    - empleados de oficinas/bancos/hospitales/etc.

    No obstante, los téminos empleado y trabajador siempre los podrás utilizar en todas las circunstancias:

    - obrero = operario = empleado = trabajador
    - empleado = trabajador
  3. giorgio antonio New Member

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    I would translate obrero as a manual worker.

    Otherwise i agree with Jaime Bien:
    trabajador = worker
    empleado = employee

    I would add that an employee must have an employer (someone who pays him). if you pay yourself we say self-employed.
  4. noncasper

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    Chino - China - Hong Kong
    Oh! Thank you very much Jaime Bien and giorgio antonio! I got them now!

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