1. semiller Senior Member

    DFW, Texas
    Is "une traction" a push-up? If so, what is the difference between "une traction" and "un pompe." Merci bien!
  2. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    no difference, according to the Grand Dictionnaire.

    By the way, it is une pompe.

    The only difference, I feel, is in frequency of use. I would tend to think 'pompe' is far more commonly-used in French.
  3. Nico5992 Senior Member

    Paris, France
    France (French)
    To me, "pompes" et "tractions" are two differents things. Unfortunately I'd be greatly unable to explain it in French, let alone English...
  4. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    The ATILF monolingual dictionary also has it that 'pompes' is only the popular and familiar word for 'tractions' : Mouvement qui consiste à relever le corps allongé à terre, bras repliés, en tendant et raidissant les bras. Synon. pop. pompe. Faire des tractions pour développer les biceps (ROB. 1985).
  5. OlivierG

    OlivierG Senior Member

    Toulouse, France
    France / Français
    Really? I always thought "tractions" were made by hanging onseself by the arms and trying to fold them to move up.
  6. semiller Senior Member

    DFW, Texas
    If "une traction" is what the image (a good one by the way) is, then it's what's called a "pull up." Yes, a pull-up and a push-up both exercise the biceps, but they are two entirely different exercises. Any other coments? I'm beginning to think that "une traction" is more of a pull-up while une pompe is a push-up. Qu'en pensez-vous?
  7. pen Senior Member

    I addded something to complete your answer.
  8. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    So ddid I!;) (ours is the first 3d forum on EARTH!)

    Tatoué en train de faire des pompes.
  9. zinc Senior Member

    England/ English
    Pour "une pompe", je suis d'accord semiller. Mais à mon sens, et d'après l'image, "une traction" ressemble à un "chin up" non? ce qui est légèrement différent à un "pull up".
  10. semiller Senior Member

    DFW, Texas
    Là vous pourrez avoir raison, mais personnellement je connais peu de différence entre "un chin-up" et "un pull-up." Pour moi, c'est kif-kif! Mais que sais-je?
  11. Lideln

    Lideln Member

    Paris, France
    France, french
    Sorry to dig up such an old topic, but I would like to close this debate :) (because image links are broken and therefore the answer is not clear imo)

    NO, "traction" and "pompe" are not the same. In fact they are the opposite.
    A "traction" is a pull-up in english (you pull...) whereas a "pompe" is a push-up (you push...)

    Regards to Texas friends! :)
  12. CélineK. Senior Member

    I agree with LideIn.
  13. Lideln

    Lideln Member

    Paris, France
    France, french
    Wow that was fast :)

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