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  1. tartopom Senior Member

    Does "single forwarder" make sense if I speak about "une (seule) traction"? I mean just one truck/lorry from loading to unloading.
    Thanks for your help.

    Well, it's just about vocabulary - I'm sorry, but no sentences !! It's about freight transport, land shipping. You can have, let's say, 2 possibilities. # 1 = a single truck from loading to unloading, called in French " une traction". And # 2 = two or more trucks to supply the goods to the client - alors on dit "2 (voire plus) tractions."
    Hope it's clearer.

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  2. Gérard Napalinex

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    On dit plutôt "un tracteur" (chercher par exemple sur l'internet "tracteur semi-remorque")
  3. Kelly B

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    Something like single hauler or single load?
  4. tartopom Senior Member

    Thanks a lot Gérard & Kelly. Sorry Gérard, but it seems to be " traction" and not "tracteur". It's not about the vehicle itself but about the number of trucks needed for one delivery.
  5. Topsie

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    The context is road haulage.
    I have a question about "traction" (in French). It appears to be the same thing as "groupage / dégroupage", i.e. the activity of bringing a truckload of goods to a distribution centre, then dispatching the load to trucks going to different destinations. This operation often takes place at night (including the driving).
    Is there a term for this in English?
    Any logistics managers/truckers out there???

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