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    "traduzione simultanea" : how can I express it in English? (it means to translate a conference, lecture, speech, while the speaker talks, listening to the translation through those special headphones. The opposite is "traduzione consecutiva", which means that the speaker talks, than stops to allow the translator to translate his words.)

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. giovannino

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    Simultaneous interpreting?
  3. pescara Senior Member

    I have heard the phrase "simultaneous translation."

  4. Einstein

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    Su Google I've found:
    27,800 for simultaneous translation
    7,200 for simultaneous interpreting.

    The idea seems to be that translation is written, interpreting spoken. I may be wrong, but in my opinion interpreting means assisting a dialogue between two people, in a negotiation for example. Giving a continuous one-way translation - as at a conference - is, well, translation, not interpreting.
  5. Lorena1970

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    Italy, Italiano
    Thanks a lot all of you for your quick and exhaustive help!

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    Ciao, Einstein:) I checked a few specialist websites and they do seem to make this distinction:

    Search for a translator (translates the written word) or interpreter (translates the spoken word)
    (Irish Translators and Interpreters Association)

    According to Wikipedia:

    Laymen often incorrectly describe SI and the SI interpreter as 'simultaneous translation' and as the 'simultaneous translator'

    I think that when you assist two people in a negotiation it's consecutive interpreting, whereas conference interpreting with the interpreter sitting in a booth with earphones is simultaneous interpreting.

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