1. chullavida20 Member

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    ¿Qué significa la frase traer sujeto? Este viene de una frase en "La casa tomada" por Julio Cortázar, que dice "saco los dedos de la boca, y en ellos traigo sujeto por las orejas a un conejito blanco."
    mi intento- I take out my fingers from mouth, and they are weighed down by the ears of a white bunny.
  2. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    "... When I feel that I’m going to bring up a rabbit, I put my two fingers in my mouth like an open pincer, and I wait to feel the lukewarm fluff rise in my throat like the effervescence in a sal hepatica. It’s all swift and clean, passes in the briefest instant. I remove the fingers from my mouth and in them, held fast by the ears, a small white rabbit. The bunny appears to be content, a perfectly normal bunny only very tiny, small as a chocolate rabbit, only it’s white and very thoroughly a rabbit. ..."
  3. Moritzchen Senior Member

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    For the record, it's from Carta a una señorita en París, from Bestiario.

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