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La oración del ejemplo es arcaica además de machista y misógina. Pero como Amanda es lista como una zorra, vive su vida y tiene sexo con quien le apetece.

Nuevo ejemplo:
Llamar zorra a Amanda por disfrutar del sexo es machista, misógino y arcaico.
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    Good afternoon,
    May you please change the definición of tramp, considering it an acceptable example of a woman who sleeps with whomever she wants?! I think we are way passed this... it's 2021, Wordreference...
    Shame on you


    The following usage example is quite disgustingly sexist:
    “Amanda’s a tramp; she’s slept with at least half her male colleagues”.

    Even if that term is sexist itself, please consider changing the usage example to something educational and positive like “Amanda has been called a tramp by her sexist colleagues just because she’s slept with a few of them”.


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    Thank you for your messages. Whilst I agree that it is ridiculous to call a woman a tramp for sleeping with whoever she likes, the word still exists and has that meaning. As a dictionary, it is our job to make words and their definitions available to our users. We don't invent the words or the ways in which they are used, and the fact of them being in the dictionary in no way indicates that we approve of a particular word or its usage. We have made it clear that it is a pejorative term.

    That said, I entirely agree with your point about the sentence. That fell short of our standards. I have changed it to something closer to your suggestion. The new sentence will go to our translation teams for review and, once that's been done, will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.