Transatlantic television transmission


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“In 1928, the BDTC (the Baird Development Television Company) achieved the first transatlantic television transmission between London and New York.”

In the sentence above, does ‘achieving transatlantic TV transmission’ mean that they managed to send electronic signals from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other (from NY to London) using a TV?
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    They probably used more than a TV. I do not know what is involved in transmitting TV signals.

    But the sentence does say that something filmed in New York was viewed on a TV screen in London (or vice versa).


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    It was the first successful transatlantic transmission intended to be viewed on a television. It wasn't just sound intended for a radio. No doubt it was beamed from some sort of transmission tower. This page says the signal was broadcast over shortwave radio frequencies. Two people in a studio in London were observed on a TV in New York. It was primitive technology so they could not see the people's faces clearly.

    The vision of the woman appeared broken and scattered, but it was still plain that she was a woman and that she was showing first the full face and then the profile.​

    Transatlantic Television in 1928
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