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    Hello folks,

    I need help with the use of above past participle of the verb transcribir as a noun.

    As some of you may remember, I do translations for a branch of an appellate program, both from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. I was sent several letters to proofread and make corrections, which were written by a Spanish speaking panel attorney.

    My problem is that they want me to use the past participle of the verb transcribir as a noun. In other words,transcritos to signify the transcripts of the trial. I have always used registros literales and I am not comfortable using transcritos, but they have stated that because the other branches of the appellate program in the state use transcritos they want all letters to the inmates to be uniform.

    Our office had previously decided to use the term "corte" instead of "tribunal" for several reasons. One of the reasons is that, as you noted, most of our clients use that term. But the other big factor for deciding this is that our sister appellate projects throughout the state also use that term in their Spanish resources. Because our panel
    attorneys often receive appointments from different panels, we want to try to remain as consistent as possible with the use of legal terminology so that the attorneys can use these letters no matter what appellate project their case is coming from. Unless we believe that the other project is just wrong in their translation, we are striving for uniformity. So, while I can appreciate your concern about the use of the word "corte" instead of "tribunal," we are going to stick with the original word choice. For the same reason, we have decided to use the term "transcritos" instead of "registros literales" when referring to transcripts.

    I would like your comments with regard to the use of the past participle of the verb transcribir as a noun to sisgnify the trial transcripts.

    Thank you much.

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    I'm not aware of this legal terminology, but the noun for 'transcribir' is 'trasncripción'. 'Transcritos' is participle and has value of adjective. Unless it is specific of legal terminology, which I don't know.
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    Concuerdo con Victorsigh en que "transcripción" sería mejor, pero no podés hacer más que sugerírselo a tu cliente -podés explicarle que "transcritos" equivale a "transcribed" y que tu opinión profesional es que los reos no van a entender de qué se habla- y después aguantarte la respuesta que te dé. Las organizaciones suelen encariñarse con sus formas de decir, así que puede que no te escuchen, pero quién te dice...

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    Muchisimas gracias por vuestras respuestas. Muy agredecida...


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