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Nguyen Vu

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Students at my institution, HCMC University of Technology, are offered training programs, in which they can be transfered to higher course levels in the same areas of study after they finish their current courses.
However, we wonder what we should call such a program in English language. Is it called
* a credit transfer training program?
* an articulation program?
* or any others?
Can you help me to name it?
Thanks a lot.
  • profrt

    English USA
    How does this differ from ANY academic program with sequential requirements -- with each higher level course having its predecessor as a prerequisite? From the information you have given -- unless I am missing something -- you have simple, normal, sequential, hierarchal course offerings. I don't know if you need to label that which is expected. If I HAD to use a modifier, I'd pick "sequential," though "stratified" or "hierarchal" would serve, though perhaps less well and more awkwardly.


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    US English(Boston/NY)
    I have the same problem as profrt. It seems that when your students finish a lower level course they go on to a higher one -- and that is just education! But perhaps you mean that they take the lower level courses at your institution and then can transfer into another educational institution at a higher level than would be possible if they hadn't taken your course? Or they take this "training program" and then can transfer at an intermediate level into a normal course of higher education?

    I guess we need more information.


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    I guess what the OP was saying is something like completion of a non-degree diploma would enable you to be transferred to, say, the 2nd year of a degree course.
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