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    Does anyone know how you say transferred gene in Chinese?

    Is it 轉基因 or 轉移基因? or something else?

    The transferred gene, Aquaporin-1, has great potential to help head and neck cancer survivors who battle with chronic dry mouth. Aquaporin-1 encodes a protein that naturally forms pore-like water channels in the membranes of cells to help move fluid, such as occurs when salivary gland cells secrete saliva into the mouth.

    Thank you!:)
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    In Chinese we say 转基因. Never heard of 转移基因(perhaps acceptable in academic languages).

    But it seems that 转基因 is 'genetically modified (GM)' or 'genetic modification' in English, instead of 'transferred gene' or 'gene transformation'. 转基因 is always used as an adjective in Chinese, e.g. 转基因食品-- genetically modified food, 转基因大豆-- GM soybeans

    In your sentence, 'Aquaporin-1(水通道蛋白?)' is 'the transferred gene', so I think 转基因 may not be appropriate here. I don't know much about biology, and I'm not sure if there's a terminology for this. Hope someone else could help on this.
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    Muffinmag, I tried searching for 转移基因 and found a few results with English translations. Have a look at the link below, which may be of some use to you:转移基因-0.html

    Note that along with 转移基因, there are also a few results for 基因转移 (gene transfer) in the above link. Since 基因转移 (= gene transfer) seems to be a well established usage, I think 转移(过的)基因 is readily understood as "transferred gene" in the right context.
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