1. songyan New Member

    I heard this English word in a documentary, there is a guy talking about train that changed communications in Victorian Britain.
    For example, he said train make it easier for the monarch to get about, and also made it quicker for freight and her subjects..., and then he said It was transformatory. I've checked several dictionaries, but transformatory seems not even a correct word. So what does it mean?
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  2. cecisl

    cecisl New Member

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    Seems to be that he meant "transformer", like the train changed it all. Or "revolutionary", that word makes it more clear.
  3. songyan New Member

    Thank you, that makes sense, but like revolutionary, it should be an adjective.
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  4. lauterprof New Member

    "Transformatory" is an adjective and who cares whether it's in the dictionary (yet) or not? Who says we can't make up a word? Language is alive. No one reading that word in a properly formed sentence would have any doubt as to what it means. I just used it in a published article and no one had a problem with it, including the editor.
  5. olimpia91 Banned

    Castellano - Argentina
    Yo no entiendo bien lo que significa, ¿transformatory sería acaso un sinónimo de transformative?
  6. lauterprof New Member

    The two words don't "feel" the same to me, but you could make the argument. I'd have to think about how I'd use them differently.
  7. Almighty Egg

    Almighty Egg Senior Member

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    Hi y'all.

    Surely the (non-standard) word transformatory is just an unnecessary addition to the lexis, probably brought about by someone using it by mistake. We already have transformative, meaning something with the power to transform.

    How does transformatory bring anything new to the table? Just because you can understand it doesn't mean it's not a mistake...
  8. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

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    Eng (Canada)
    Right. I think there are already two words that do the job nicely, transformational and transformative. That's enough.

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