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Hello !

Do you know what is a transistor bug ?
Here is the sentence :

"He and His best friend used to practise rigging up transistor bugs by racing each other to see who could be the first to hack into their fellow students’ accounts."

Son meilleur ami et lui s'entraînaient à l'installation de XX en jouant à celui qui s’introduirait le premier dans les comptes de leurs camarades.
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    bugs = puces

    transistor = transmission

    puces de transmission? en même temps je ne m'y connais absolument pas dans ce domaine, I'm no Zukenberg! alors il ne faut pas trop se fier à mes propositions ;)


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    Do they mean computer bugs? Legend has it that in the very early days of computers moths were attracted to the electronic valves (before transistors were invented) and in electrocuting themselves they caused them to malfunction. So we still say debug a computer to to mean remove anything that makes programs fail.

    A bug is also slang for a tiny device that records and/or transmits conversations illegally. This meaning could be stretched to recording keystrokes as passwords are entered
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    I think your second suggestion is the good one.

    So it could be something like "mouchard" maybe, but why "transistor" ?
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