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Hi everybody,

I have a problem in a translation. The translation is from Turkish into English/and then also into Italian. In the original text they mention the title of a special issue from the Turkish Geological Bulletin.
"Özgün Niteliklere SahipTravertenler ve Önemleri, B. Levent Mesci, Türkiye Jeoloji Bülteni, Cilt 56,Sayı 1"

I assume that nobody translated the Turkish Geological Bulletin neither in English (nor in Italian) ,so I guess I should rewrite the title of this issue in Turkish as it is the only version available. Is that right?

How about giving a translation of the title in English by adding a footnote? Do I need to add an NdT in this case?

for example: The travertines with ParticularProperties and Their Importance, B. Levent Mesci, Turkish Geological Bulletin, Volume 56, Issue No. 1 NdT
What am I supposed to do in this case?
Thanx :)

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    Hello eleda,

    This is not exactly within the scope of our forums as it's not a language-related question. :)
    If you're unsure, I guess one option would be to keep the Turkish title and include a translation in parentheses.


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    :( I am sorry for the inconvenient. As a new member I guess I am still confused about the forums :-O

    Anyway thank you very much for your suggestion!
    I'll think of it
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