1. americo83 Member

    Hello everybody. I should translate this word: "Translate". It's a box in a website where there are some nation flags: the users can translate the site's article through a click on the flags.

    "traducir" or "trasladar" is correct? Thanks, have a nice day.
  2. sonia8186 Member

    Traducir sería la correcta en este caso.
  3. americo83 Member

    As always, thanks Sonia.
  4. Filimer Senior Member

    Please don't use national flags for translation.

    Flags represent countries and several languages may be spoken in a country. Also, one language may be spoken in several countries.

  5. americo83 Member

    Hi Filimer, I'm using a plugin for wordpress. It is wpml and it uses flags, unfortunately
  6. tomasr Member

    English - United States
    If you have the option, I would go with text as your language selection--e.g. "English," "Español," etc. As previous posters (and the link) point out, a Brazilian might not recognize the Portuguese flag or even feel mildly insulted having to click on a flag of a former colonial "master." Plus, since it's text on a computer screen, you can be assured that your users can read (I suppose flags might make sense if it's an audio or video presentation for potentially illiterate users).

    It also sets up the expectation that the translation will be tailored to that country, so someone from, say Spain might be disappointed to see that the translation is not specific to their country's lingo. My $.02.

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