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  1. maheshaa New Member

    Hello. I was wondering if anybody could translate this in to English for me

    "Tampesteri is the best mutta ei tää Raumakaan huono ole! ja tästä tulee vielä parempi paikka kun yks manselainen tuo tänne oman parhautensa. mä juhlin sit joka ilta sitä että olet täällä ja voi olla että sunnuntaina lukitsen sut tonne ulkoverstaaseen"

    This is my first time in this forum and would like to know the translation please
  2. Hakro

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    Welcome to the forums, Maheshaa!

    Your text is a mix of colloquial language and local slang, but I'll try to translate it:

    "Tampere is the best but also this Rauma ain't bad at all! And it'll become even better when a certain person from Tampere brings here his/her superiority. Then I'll have a party every night 'cause you're here and maybe on Sunday I'll lock you in the backyard workshop."

    (Maybe someone who knows English better can correct my translation.)
  3. maheshaa New Member

    Thank you so much. You have been really helpful and no need for a better translation. I got it and thank you so much again. cheers!
  4. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    Hi Hakro,

    When the person says "lock you in the workshop", is that meant to be a funny way of saying "I'll try to prevent you from leaving"?

    Also, "(his/her) awesomeness" might be a better translation of parhautensa here than "(his/her) superiority". Does parhaus in this context mean something like "erinomaisuus"?
  5. Hakro

    Hakro Senior Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    Finnish - Finland

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