Translating verb tenses from French to English


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Hello, I hope everyone is doing fine.
I have a very important question concerning translating tenses if there is any expert or professional translation around here.

I'm currently translating a scientific study from French to English. Usually, I do not have that many issues translating tenses, but this time I'm very indecisive.
The tense used in the Results and Discussions section is in simple present, active voice. This section also contains the testing steps from beginning till the findings. My instinct is telling me to translate it as is, however, the rules to write a scientific paper in English (or in general) are already set.

Now should I translate this section using the simple present and active voice just as the source text, or is there another alternative? Like using simple past, or even the passive voice?

I hope I can find help as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.
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    Hello mari102 and welcome to the forums! :)

    Please provide a specific sample sentence. We cannot discuss only the purely theoretical aspects of tenses in general. It would be too broad and outside the scope of our forums.

    As you just joined the forums, please kindly read our posting guidelines.

    Maître Capello