Translation for a farewell gift.... "Don't come around here, coming round here!"


Australia, English
I am an Army Officer and have long enjoyed putting Latin phrases on farewell gifts for soldiers and NCOs when they post out of units. I will sometimes use a famous latin expression if it relates closely to the personality in question and at other times try to put an expression they commonly use into Latin.

At present, I have a SGT who will shortly be leaving us who has a particular fondness and proclivity to use the (very colloquial) expression: Don't come around here, coming 'round here!

It's a very Aussie expression and doesn't really mean a lot... it's probably best explained as being used in a good natured way to say something like, hold on a minute, don't come blustering in here with that sort of attitude... but in a very casual kind of way.

I'd like to translate the phrase (rather than the meaning) as closely as possible to have engraved on his gift. The nearest translation I've been able to find thus far is: non veni circum huc, hic venio but I would greatly appreciate any inputs or suggestions.
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