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Hi all, I'm friends with a Romanian family that is about to come back from vacation and I'd like to write them a note in Romanian. I could do it myself but there's no telling if they could understand it if I did that way.

Here's the note I'd like to translate:

"Welcome back! I hope you had a very peaceful time and were able to enjoy the incredible beauty of nature on your vacation. I also hope that you are now well-rested and not too sunburnt. Jannette (Jannette is a chicken hehe) and I both look forward to seeing you again soon. :)

God Bless!

P.S. Hopefully Mihai didn't lose any watches." - End Note.

If you guys have any suggestions about Romanian traditions or just a better way to put something then, by all means, please let me know.

Merci frumos tutoror!
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    I guess this captures pretty much the letter and the intent of the note. I've assumed that your friends know about Jannette but if that's not the case, then add "Jannette este o găinușă".

    Bine ați venit înapoi/acasă! Sper că v-a tihnit vacanța și v-ați putut bucura de frumusețile (incredibile) ale naturii. Sper de-asemenea că v-ați odihnit bine și nu sunteți prea arși de soare. Jannette și eu de abia așteptăm să vă vedem.

    Domnul să (vă) binecuvânteze!

    P.S. Sper că Mihai n-a mai pierdut nici un ceas.




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    Thanks a lot farscape! If there was such a thing as an E-cookie I would send you many. :)

    Şi da, ei stiu ca Jannette e o găinuşă, I only included that because I wanted to give more context to the translator (you).
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