Transliterating Japanese words into English

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I had a task at my work to look for ways to transliterate hieroglyphs into English letters or words.
After looking for a while I found pinyin - an official system to transcribe Chinese characters.
And here is the question - is there any system (like pinyin) for transcribing Japanese characters?

Also I found Hiragana and Katakana that can be easily transcribed, but as far as I understood that's just some small subset of all letters in Japanese.
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    Well, the romanization system in Japanese is called romaji (ローマ字). It transcribes as it sounds. 1 letter = 1 sound. Japanese doesn't use an alphabet nor does it have letters. It uses 2 syllabaries + an ideogram writing system called kanji. The Kanji came from Chinese, but they sound completely different in both languages.

    You can see the romanization on the internet by typing Japanese syllabaries.
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