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Hi :)

I'm a musician and I like covering different songs. Many of them come from Japan but the problem is that I don't know almost anything about Japanese! The songs I'm currently working on are called "01 奮起と巻き返し", "03 追いつきと代表作", "06 純愛とリアリティ", "09 アプローチとプロポーズ", "20 ヒロイン指名と可能性", "22 からまわりと氷塊", "23 指輪と観覧車". Can someone tell me the exact transliterations (it's called romaji, right?)?

  • "01 奮起と巻き返し" "Funki to Makikaeshi"
    "03 追いつきと代表作" "Oitsuki to Daihyousaku"
    "06 純愛とリアリティ" "Jun'ai to Reality" or "Jun'ai to Riariti"
    "09 アプローチとプロポーズ" "Approach to Propose" or "Aproochi to Puropoozu"
    "20 ヒロイン指名と可能性" "Heroine Shimei to Kanousei" or "Hiroin Shimei to Kanousei"
    "22 からまわりと氷塊" "Karamawari to Hyoukai"
    "23 指輪と観覧車" "Yubiwa to Kanransha"
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