Transliteration of مبارك العلمي

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    This author published his PhD dissertation in Casablanca:

    د / مبارك العلمي

    I guess the

    / د

    corresponds to "Dr."

    Since he should be Moroccan, I'll transliterate his name as M'barek. But I am not sure how to transliterate his family name: 'Alami? 'Ilmi?

    I haven't found the author neither at the Library of Congress nor on Worldcat.

    Can you please help me?
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    Madrid (España)
    castellano, España
    Thanks a lot, Bakr!

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    Would you really transliterate the name as it is pronounced in colloquial? I would personally go for the standard form "Mubarak".
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    Madrid (España)
    castellano, España
    Well, I respect a lot the Library of Congress' criteria - although I know they are not perfect.

    The point is that they did not have the author in this thread, but they had another Moroccan author from the books I am cataloguing. They transliterated that one as Zaki, M'barek.

    Come to think of it, I might use both transliterations in my record. Worldcat frequently does that. Something as follows:

    ʿAlamī, M'barek

    (Mubarak al-ʿAlamī)

    Furthermore - I would transliterate the Arabic female name as Fatima, but the famous Moroccan sociologist and writer prefers it as Fatema Mernissi.

    I've noticed Moroccans have a 'strong personality' for transliterating their own names. For example, Paul Bowles worked with a Moroccan creator of stories, Mohammed Mrabet (the family name is clearly adapted to Moroccan pronunciation):

    Another reason is that, despite the fact that they are an Arabized people, they do not feel a 100 % Arabs. Something funny was that a few years ago, a group of Moroccans nicknamed me «l-3arbi», because I would talk to them in fuS7à. Of course I should talk to them in fuS7à - I never had the chance to learn dialectal Arabic!
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    It's even better.

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