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My name is Jay and I am trying to understand the Korean equivalent of my name.

I googled around and did found that the popular singer Jay Park's is 제이 박 while another singer, Jei, has the name 제이.

Based on how the name sounds, are both 제이 and 재이 correct? (just that Jay is commonly using 제이, or the subtle difference pronunciation really meant totally different way to spell the name?)

  • Adriana coreana

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    1. in my opinion, "제이" looks(not 'sounds') more international, western, or even american.
    "재이" is a little bit more plausible(?) korean style name, i think.

    2. in our cognition it seems to be correct to use "ㅐ" for "a" and "ㅔ" for "e"..
    but we wirte "엔젤" for "Angel", "네임" for "name"
    (c.f. "테이프" for "tape", "케이크" for "cake"

    3. but there are : "앤드류" for "Andrew", "애나" for "Anna"

    4. the difference of 재 and 제 is very subtle.
    i believe many of Koreans can tell them, but also many of Koreans don't really care about it.
    But by pronunciation "재이" is nearer to your name.

    5. i believe both are ok.
    but if i were you, i would just use "제이" because it's more convinient. i don't want to explain everytime why i chose "재이" which seems to be uncommon as a name of foriengner.. (at least until now).. if i had met a friend called "재이", i would have ask why he/she had such name, and if it had certain chinese letter.
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