transmissions écrites du dossier de soins infirmiers

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    Bonjour à tous,

    Je dois rédiger l'abstract de mon mémoire en anglais et j'ai un souci en ce qui concerne cette expression : "les transmissions écrites du dossier de soins infirmiers" dans cette phrase "les transmissions écrites du dossier de soins infirmiers font parties du rôle propre infirmier."

    Je pensais traduire par "the nursing care written transmissions are part of the proper nursing role."

    Qu'en pensez-vous?
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    Writing reports of the treatment in the (patient's) file are part ...
  3. Julz12 New Member

    What about "written change over the patient's file"?
  4. vsop44 Senior Member

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    Ok with me , but you're missing the part about "soins infirmiers" that I translated with treatment to avoid a repetition of the word nursing .
  5. Julz12 New Member

    Exactly. Thanks for your help.
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    shift change reports?
  7. Ceewill

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    My reply is late, I know, but it may be of use to others who, like me, are always looking for translations of nursing-related vocabulary.

    I am a nurse myself and the most natural-sounding translation of your sentence would be:

    the writing of nursing notes forms a part of the nurse's professional role

    It is difficult to translate the terminology exactly as nursing practice differs from country to country. Here, in Australia, a nurse's written report of the patient's condition and the care given during her shift is in the patient's notes. Patient's notes include the written reports of all medical, nursing and allied health staff, in one, continuous, day-by-day record. There is not, therefore, an equivalent of un dossier de soins infirmiers. Instead, I have translated this as nursing notes.

    My understanding of les transmissions, in this context, is what we would call handover. However, when referring to written reports, we simply call these notes. The term handover is really only applied to a verbal, face-to-face report of the patient's condition, care given etc.

    As for rôle propre, I think the best translation for this situation is professional role. I have seen scope of practice suggested elsewhere but this does not fit here. Scope of practice pertains to the actions permitted by the law. Writing nursing notes is something that a nurse does because she is obliged professionally to do so, not because she is allowed to.

    I hope that helps!

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