transparent (connexion transparent - informatique)


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Je me demande comment traduire 'transparent' dans cette phrase :
La connexion au serveur est transparente pour l'utilisateur dans la mesure où il ne doit pas saisir son mot de passe.
The connection to the server is transparent to the user since they don't have to type their password ???
Merci ...
  • sasho

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    Connecting to the server is clear to the user as they don't have to provide their password.

    Clear = easy to understand.

    Alternatively, it could mean that connecting to the server is an option open to the user as they don't have to provide a password.

    transparente = open

    I think there are two possibilities here.


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    I understand the meaning to be closer to "invisible".
    I would suggest "unnoticed by" or "the user is not aware of the connection".


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    Thank you. In French transparent means the user doesn't even notice that an action is taking place. It's invisible or runs in the background or here it connects to a server without the user even knowing it. I was wondering if I could keep the same word or maybe use seamless ...


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    We absolutely say that

    "the process is transparent to/for the user", meaning that the user is not even aware that it's taking place