transpirație v. sudoare


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Hi all,

What is the difference in nuance/usage between these two words for "sweat"?


Which one is most common in everyday speech? Is one more technical sounding than the other?

Thank you. :)
  • farscape

    mod-errare humanum est
    Transpirație is the modern/current word for perspiration, probably a port from French.

    Sudoare is a bit archaic, not much used in contemporary language other than for a literary effect.

    An advertisement for an anti-perspiration product will use always transpirație and not sudoare however, certain expressions like "sudoarea muncii" ((through/due) to one's own & heavy efforts) will sound very awkward if transpirație is used instead of sudoare.

    Another word for sweat is nădușeală - also dated and not getting much use these days.