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  1. MargauXnx Member

    L'une des activités de l'entreprise pour laquelle je travaille étant le transport de personnes (à la fois la partie ingénierie et la partie exploitation), je cherche à traduire le terme "transport". En anglais, je retrouve aussi bien les termes "transport" que "transportation" et j'ai du mal à distinguer les deux dans leur signification et leur utilisation.
    Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner un indice :) ? Merci !
  2. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    You're right. It is difficult sometimes to distinguish between the two. In your context I personally would go with "transportation".

    It may be a question of regional usage. In Ireland, people often use "transport" as the equivalent of "car". E.g., "Do you have your own transport?" Strictly speaking, what this means is, "Do you have your own means of getting around?" But in practice that means, "Do you have a car?"

    But I don't know that I've heard this use of "transport" outside Ireland. Perhaps others will comment.
  3. MargauXnx Member

    Thanks a lot Seneca! I'll go for transportation, waiting for other advice.
    In this context, I'm mostly referring to an activity. Hope it will make it clearer...
  4. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    This was the distinction I was making: "transportation" is the activity, whereas "transport" is a vehicle. But I've just looked in my dictionary, and it doesn't justify making that distinction at all. According to my dictionary at least, it appears the two terms are pretty much interchangeable.

    Yes, see what others say. I myself tend to make this distinction between the two, but speakers from other places may not make it--and my dictionary would agree with them.
  5. MargauXnx Member

    Okay, thanks a lot :).
  6. sound shift

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    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    There are some people, me included, who don't use the word "transportation" at all. To me, it's all "transport", whether we are talking about freight ("freight transport") or about passengers ("passenger transport"). Usage does vary from place to place and from country to country, though.
  7. Suehil

    Suehil Medemod

    Tillou, France
    British English
    I'm another one who would never use 'transportation'. I don't recall hearing anyone else use it, either.
  8. MargauXnx Member

    Uhuh, there seems to be no right decision :).
    I'll keep on asking around me, thanks a lot!

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