1. jfmaza New Member

    Necesito traducir una frase algo especial.
    "El proyecto tiene por objetivo transversalizar la función tecnológica en toda la compañía"
    Se os ocurre algo.
    Gracias por adelantado
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
  3. jfmaza New Member

    No veo que se utilice mucho "transversalize". Transversalizar tampoco es un palabra castellana que aparezca en el diccionario, pero no se hasta que punto en inglés puede utilizarse.
    Alguna otra opción?
  4. spodulike

    spodulike Senior Member

    Brighton, England
    English - England
    "to deploy"

    "to roll out"

    "to mainstream"
    j vk

    "to mainstream v g kgvkh
  5. SrSinPalabras New Member

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    English - U.S.
    I agree with jfmaza that "transversalize" would only be understood by very very few English-speakers - perhaps only those who know the meaning of the Spanish "transversalizar" already.

    As this thread is now several years old, I thought that it might be useful to add that the use of "transversalizar" has exploded in recent years in international law and development documents/discourse (consistent with what Breadstick says in the "transversalizar el tema" thread).
    Importantly, it can be used to mean EITHER "to mainstream"/"mainstreaming" or the slightly different "to make [something - an issue] cross-cutting" (or both).
  6. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

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    Eng (Canada)
    Good to know SrSinPalabras. I'll try to sneak transversalize into the conversation as much as possible. ;)

    Welcome to the forum.

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