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    billhmjr said:
    What is the meaning of this word transvolcanic as in Transvolcanic Mountain Range ?



    I guess it means 'beyond the volcan'.

    Main Entry: trans-
    Function: prefix
    Etymology: Latin trans-, tra- across, beyond, through, so as to change, from trans across, beyond -- more at THROUGH
    1 : on or to the other side of : across : beyond <transatlantic>
    2 a : beyond (a specified chemical element) in the periodic table <transuranium> b usually ital : trans <trans-dichloro-ethylene> -- compare CIS- 2
    3 : through <transcutaneous>
    4 : so or such as to change or transfer <transliterate> <translocation> <transamination> <transship>

    Source: Merrian-Webster Online



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    I think this could be a geological term to refer to a complete mountain range of volcanic origin due to seismic activities along convergent continental (and oceanic) plate boundaries. But since I'm not a geologist this explanation might be not too precise.