Tratamiento domiciliario

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    Does anyone know how to say "tratamiento domiciliario" in english? This is the treatment a patient has at home before being admitted in the hospital. Is it "home treatment"?
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    I'm not familiar with the term "tratamiento domiciliario" but if it means "treatment a patient has at home before being admitted in the hospital" I would be more likely to say "outpatient treatment" rather than "home healthcare". "Home healthcare" sometimes suggests that a Home Health agency has been involved.
    The catch is that "outpatient treatment" implies prior medical treatment.

    One source suggested "home treatment" for "tratamiento domiciliario", and that works as a literal translation.
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    In Spanish "tratamiento domiciliario" refers to any treatment (i.e. Nebulization, physical therapy, IV therapy, etc) given at home; I would also say "home treatment"

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    All right. Thank you all!

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