Tratamiento Estimulante para TDA

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    Need Help ASAP.

    I am translating a prescription which I believe has misspelling, nevertheless, I am new at this so I could be wrong.
    The content:

    Se desea descartar actividad epiletiforme ya que va a comenzar tratamiento estimutante para TDA. Dx TDA

    1) Should it say "tratamiento ESTIMULANTE para TDA"?

    2) if So how does "tratamiento estimulante" get translated?
    Stimulation treatment for ADD?
    Stimulating treatment for ADD?
    is this treatment with stimulants (as in medicine?) or is this stimulation such as Light therapy?

    3) if not, then what is tratamiento estimutante?
  2. jsvillar Senior Member

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    Since nobody answers, I'll try. For ADD (and maybe also for ADHD?) they give the kids an amphetamine derivative, to increase their level of attention. So it makes sense to check for 'epiletiform' activity (which has something to do with epileptic attacks) before prescribing an amphetamine. And yes, amphetamines are stimulants.
    I hope this solves your doubts about light therapy etc. For more details you will have to wait for a native with medical knowledge.
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    Estoy de acuerdo con jsvillar, se desea descartar crisis epilépticas ya que va a comenzar tratamiento para TDAH que consiste en un tipo de anfetamina, metilfenhidrato.
  4. fsabroso

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    Hello yimei:

    Something like this:

    Rule out epileptic activity in order to start stimulant treatment for ADD


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