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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by raceman, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. raceman New Member

    il dilemma è tradurre "trattamento post intervento" inteso come allenamento in palestra su persone che hanno subito interventi a livello articolare..

  2. Paulfromitaly

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  3. raceman New Member

    Il contesto è la traduzione del mio curriculum vitae,
    La frase intera è "trattamento (inteso come esercizi fisici) post intervento chirurgico (in pazienti che hanno subito operazioni a livello delle articolazioni o delle ossa)
    Il mio tentativo di traduzione è "post surgery treatment and treatment in patient with joint disease"
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  4. Tegs

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    La tua frase in inglese va tradotta così allora:

    Post operative treatment (physical exercises) (for patients who have had operations on their joints)

    Non va benissimo avere tanti () - forse meglio riscrivere l'italiano? :)
  5. raceman New Member

    Grazie mille! Rielaboro e uso la traduzione!
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  6. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    We usually call it "physical therapy" - this includes exercises planned to strengthen and rebuild muscles and bones after injury or surgery.

    In your case, I'd say: Physical therapy for post-operative patients with joint disease
  7. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    Yes, I'd go for physical therapy if the Italian were fisioterapia, but post intervento chirurgico is post-operative. I think this is a case of rephrasing the Italian. There's also no sign of joint disease in the original, so I'm not so sure that's right - we'd need more context :)
  8. johngiovanni

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    "Post-surgery treatment" is another possibility.
  9. amatriciana Senior Member

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    It may be the case (I'm not sure about this) that only certified physiotherapists can offer physiotherapy, i.e. if this is a palestra, maybe they can't legitimately call what they're offering fisioterapia, even if it's practically the same thing.

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