Traumatic, Traumatizing, or Disastrous

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HK Chinese
Hello dear,

I am confused by the difference between "traumatic", "traumatizing" and "Disastrous". Here's some of my thoughts so far.

"Hurricane Katrina is disastrous" ( cause physical severe damages)
"New Orleans people are suffering from traumatic aftermath of Isaac." ( emotional shock)

Thanks a lot!
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    Both your sentences make sense, Ding 13. Your second sentence needs an article before "traumatic": People in New Orleans are suffering from the traumatic aftermath of Isaac.

    I generally think of living beings when I think of trauma. Disaster can certainly affect living beings but it can also damage things like buildings, roads, etc. As long as you are talking about the people of New Orleans and how their lives are affected by these storms, both "disastrous" and "traumatic" fit the context.
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