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    in the sentence: Des milliers de camps se répandent à travers le monde, à la fois "réserves" de travailleurs à la carte et centres de détention pour "fauteurs de trouble" en puissance. Is it possible to translate with : Thousands of camps are scattered across the world, being both "reservations" of workers on flexitime and detention centers for potential "troublemakers". ?
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    The word "reservations" works well here, but I'd question "scattered". Shouldn't it be "are spreading" which has a different dynamic entirely?
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    ok, what do you think about "workers on flexi time"? does that translate a la carte?
    thx Z
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    No flexi-time is a much more formalised thing for people in permanent jobs who choose their working hours according to their needs. In this context you'd need "casual labourers" or "day labourers"

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    thanks so much, appreciate
    your help

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