travaux d’arrêté

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  • Annecy Richard

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    I think its talking about work - as in roadworks or housing developments etc- comissioned by the council. What was the context??


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    On peut penser à un arrêté comptable : les travaux d'arrêté sont dans ce cas tous les travaux effectués pour rendre compte d'une situation comptable à un moment donné.


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    I think Arundhati is right, subject to some additional information regarding the context.
    Travaux d'arrêté = the operations by which the accountant prepares the statement of the annual accounts, after their closing.
    Arrêté de comptes: I'd translate by "settlement of the accounts" (better than settling of the accounts, I guess). Any additional comment from a native will be welcome about this matter left incomplete in a previous thread.
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