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Hi there, I was trying to find the exact expression to use when you usually go by car. My doubt is that, if you say travel by car it sounds like a long trip, like going somewhere for holidays, while going for a drive seems to me as driving for a short time for pleasure. So, if you say "I like to travel by car with the windows down", will it imply a long trip, or it can be used too for driving to the grocery store, to the doctor, etc. I don't want to use "drive" in the above sentence, because that will imply that I'm driving the car and not traveling as a passenger. Thank you very much!
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    I don't think it's necessary to talk abut travelling or driving or riding. I'd just say 'I like the windows down/open when I'm in a car'. Theoretically, it can refer to a stationary car, but this is an unlikely interpretation. You could say 'when I'm going somewhere in a car' if necessary.
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