... travel to Europe <because, since> he hoped to find ...


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Dear members,

What is the nuance between "since" and "because"? Why aren't they interchangeable? Would you please give me examples?

He wanted to travel to Europe because / since (?) he hoped to find a job there.

Why is "since" not acceptable in the above sentence?

Thank you for your help.
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    I think "since" could imply here that He wanted to travel to Europe from the moment he started to hope to find a job there.

    But wait for natives to confirm or otherwise. ;)


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    Hela, both are dependent clauses, which means they require an additional statement after them. For example, you could NOT simply say "since i am 21." Instead, you must say "Since i am 21 years old, I can drink beer in the United States." You may also say "because I am 21 years old, I can drink beer in the United States."

    The difference between "since" and "because" is very slight. "Since" implies direct causality or inevitability. For example, "Since we have 20 euros, we might as well spend it."

    "Because" has a more positive connotation and is more frequently used. You might say "because i studied very hard, i got an A in the class." Here, 'because" is a consequence.

    Your example: "He wanted to travel to Europe because he hoped to find a job there." you could use "since" but it sounds more colloquial and a little awkward. Hope that helps-- it is a confusing concept


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    One difficulty with using since instead of because is that since also has a time-related role. In fact, I would say that because since has a time-related role, it should not generally be used in place of because (except in mathematical proofs:D ).

    The views on use of since, because - and as - vary quite a lot.

    If you look up because in the WR dictionary HERE, you will see links to lots of threads that discuss its use.


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    I think if you use since or because the meaning of the sentence would be different
    "Since" is used to underline the moment when he decided to go there
    whereas "because" underlines the reason why he made this choice.
    But...I'm not really sure

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