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    Hi everyone,

    I have come across the following sentence and I am stumped as to how I should translate the word "travet". I found it in the WR Italian only dictionary so I can imagine what the person is like. (For context I can say that this is the opening sentence of a chapter about depression, offering a portrayal of a stereotypical patient.)

    Tristino Panciatonda è un travet in uniforme d’ordinanza.

    So far all I can come with is:

    Sadsack Pudge is a beleaguered worker who wears a regulation uniform.

    Boh. As you can see, "travet" is not the only problem I am having with this sentence :(:confused: (Maybe because it's late...) It occurred to me that the Italian film character Fantozzi is a travet, and I found an entry for that in the WR dictionary so I'm wondering if I should have posted this there...?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hi Words,
    a "travet" is a low level clerk.
  3. I think that in AmE a clerk is a lower position than a travet. Maybe a clerical worker in the technical meaning of the word can be a better equivalent
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    How about "office drudge"? ;)
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    Nice!!! Thank you!
    (I needed something that convey his lousy work life, your idea fits!)

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