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The context is that at a martial art tournament hosted by Han, who said " Oharra's treachery has disgraced us" after Oharra (one of Han's disciples) was beated and killed by Bruce Lee. This strikes me as odd because Oharra was an honest man and hadn't cheated on his teacher Han, why did Han(Oharra's teacher) use "treachery" on Oharra, it seems unfair and illogical, his(Oharra's) defeat by Lee was mainly because of the incompetence in strength and skills between him and Lee, so my question is does it(the use of treachery here) make sense to native speakers?

Source: Enter the Dragon 1973 ,film
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    One would have to know Han's attitudes. Perhaps Han viewed a defeat of a disciple as disloyalty, since the disciple had apparently failed to exercise the skills Han had taught him. Characters in books and films (and, for that matter, real life) do not always think and behave as you might expect them to.
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