Treatment of neurotrophic keratitis

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  1. leloisa Member

    Hi everybody! Is this translation right?
    Thank you very much!

    Behandeling van neurotrofe keratitis
  2. Mighis

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    Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde gebruikt bijvoorbeeld het neurotrofische ulcus van de neus. (neurotrofische ipv neurotrofe).
  3. leloisa Member

    Thank you Mighis!
  4. Mighis

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    Graag gedaan.
    I also searched in their database online on how they use this term and I remarked they may consider it as being de woord (de keratitis NOT het keratitis).
    So, I believe the best translation should look like: behandeling van neurotrofische keratitis.
  5. bibibiben

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    Dutch - Netherlands
    Is it possible for -troof to stand alone or should suffix -isch be added? The choice seems to depend on what other element precedes this Greek root. According to Google, that is.

    Favoring -troof over -trofisch:

    eutrofe [search terms: eutrofe(1),]: 6590 hits on Google.
    eutrofische [search terms: eutrofische(1),]: 79 hits on Google.

    oligotrofe: 3400
    oligotrofische: 4

    neurotrofe: 1110
    neurotrofische: 262

    Favoring -trofisch over -troof:

    atrofe: 235 hits
    atrofische: 8460 hits

    hypertrofe: 4430
    hypertrofische: 22.000

    Although neurotrofe outnumbers neurotrofische, the difference between the two isn't that spectacular. It seems to me that both words can be used without being frowned upon.

    (1) As the uninflected forms don't yield a significant number of hits, I chose the inflected forms -trofe and -trofische instead.
    (2) Adding proved to be necessary in order to prevent foreign words from contaminating the results as much as possible.

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