1. nicksurp New Member

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    How do you say? Is there tree nuts in this dish in Spanish? or My son is allergic to tree nuts (which are anything but a peanut i.e., cashews, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia. We are going to the Dominican Republic and I just want to be able to ask this. Thx
  2. Robbie168

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    Hi there!! If your child is allergic to nuts, you could ask the following in Spanish:

    ¿El platillo contiene algún tipo de nuez en su preparación? (p.ej. nuez de la india, piñones, almendras, nuez de macadamia, etc.).

    Hope this helps!!
  3. Alisterio

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    This is a tricky one, because there's not really a universally understood way to say "nut" in Spanish, and I very much doubt that many people will understand the distinction between nuts that are tree nuts and nuts that aren't. My suggestion would be to memorise the names of the most likely types of nut that you'll encounter and reel off the entire list, to be absolutely sure. Here are some common ones, but you might need confirmation from a Dominican native that they use the same names for them there:

    nuez = walnut
    avellana = hazelnut
    nuez de la India = cashew nut
    almendra = almond
    piñón = pine nut
  4. Robbie168

    Robbie168 Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Spanish, English - US & UK
    I would completely agree with Alisterio on this as they might not be called the same way there.
  5. fossatixx Member

    I'llhave to agree with Robbie168. Although there is not a general word which defines "nut", most spanish speakers would definetely understand you if you say: "algún tipo de nuez"
  6. nicksurp New Member

    united state/english
    thank you for your help. this will help a great deal. unfortunately I only speak English so I will be sure to write all this our and have it written on paper. Thanks again. I think it is time to learn a foreign language.
  7. metal_verde New Member

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    If your son has a serious allergy you might want to consider getting one of the allergy cards from selectwisely.com. They have a wide range of selections of foods, languages, etc, and I know specifically they have a "no nuts" card that is available in Spanish. They have pictures too, so regional specific words shouldn't be a problem. Just a thought. Also, as a general travel tip, carry a pocket-sized dictionary with you and also put together a little phrase sheet of specific things you might need to say. ("My son has an allergy to..." "Is there a doctor that speaks English?" "I'm lost. Can you direct me to...*insert hotel/restaurant/whatever*?") Better safe than sorry, I always say. And if you have time before you leave, consider listening to a few podcasts or some cds to get a basic grasp of the language. It always helps. !Buena suerte!
  8. Maria V Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
  9. Pepiss Senior Member

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    En España "alergia a los frutos secos"
  10. tortuman Member

    In Spain a "nuez" is a "nuez" that is to say a walnut and only a walnut. If you said "algún tipo de nuez" in Spain people would think you are talking just about walnuts. You need to say "fruto seco" which covers nuts in general.
  11. surivaly Senior Member

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    Buen día:

    Alguien sabe si en México también se conoce el término de frutos secos (que engloba avellanas, almendras, piñones, nueces de la India) y se maneja bien en el campo culinario en México??? Es muy importante para mi traducción, y la verdad yo nunca había escuchado que se les llamara así, pero igual no soy una experta en esto de los ingredientes.

    Muchas gracias por su ayuda!


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