Trees can reduce the annual heating costs as "many" as 10%?


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Dear Sirs,

I was wondering whether the following sentence is grammatically correct or not.

Trees can reduce the annual heating costs by as many as 10%.

In my point of view, although “costs” is plural (countable noun), the word is actually referring to “money(or expense)”, therefore “as much as 10%” sounds right (to me).

I looked up the dictionary and I found “many costs” is being used. But, I think, “many costs” are not referring to money, but indicating some sorts of sacrifices. (ex: many costs of racism)

I would be very grateful if anyone could kindly let me know why above sentence is right (or why above sentence is NOT correct) in grammatical point of view.
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    Your sentence must use "much" not "many."
    10% is a single amount, not a collection of individual percents so there is nothing being counted.
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